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Top in Europe
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There are several reasons that rank Egnatia Aviation in the top five Airline pilot training Academies in Europe. The unique Philosophy, the modern fleet, the state-of-the-art facilities, the training simulators and international certifications and approvals, could be some of these reasons.
Numbers do matter
Egnatia Aviation was founded in 2006 and since then, more than 2.500 pilots from 57 countries have been trained. It is to be mentioned that 65% of those students are international.
Each and every training year Egnatia Aviation’s fleet records over 25.000 hrs of flight time, a number that not only is greater than all the other aviation schools in Greece together, but it makes us one of the largest flight schools in Europe.
To maintain the rankings
Considering the amount of Egnatia Aviation’s fleet flight time, maintenance is top priority for us. Therefore Egnatia Aviation operates its own EASA approved maintenance centre with fully experienced aircraft engineers. The daily inspection and maintenance, always according to the manufacturer’s standards, makes our fleet fully operational with one of the lowest downtimes in Europe. Moreover, Egnatia Aviation is an active member of International Associations of Aviation Committees aiming to improve even more safety standards and optimise flight training methods.
International recognition and partnerships
    Egnatia Aviation has designed an Airline-tailored ATP(A) Integrated Course, which addresses all the Ab-Initio challenges of today's future pilots.
    Being one of the few EASA Approved Training Academies in Europe with experience in providing customised training products to some of the world leading airlines such as Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Wizz Air, Aegean, Iraqi Airways, a lot of expertise is gathered in order to establish what is believed to be one of the best training programs in Europe, with the needs of all modern air carriers in mind.
    Furthermore Egnatia Aviation is approved and provides pilots for Oman Air, Kuwait Airways, Olympic, Flydubai, Gulf Air, Astra Airlines, Ellinair and it is to be mentioned that our graduates work in 61 different Airlines around 57 countries, with an employment rate of 95% within a year from their graduation.
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