Egnatia Aviation record of 2.550 graduates

Post date: 23 June

Egnatia Aviation holds an impressive record of 2.550 graduates since 2006, all of them have been trained in our airline oriented EASA Integrated course. Egnatia Aviation is one of the best flight academies and provide the most professional airline pilot training. There are several reasons why Egnatia Aviation is being ranked among the top three Airline pilot training Academies in Europe:

Reasons of success:

– The unique Philosophy

– Active partnerships with major international Airlines

– The modern fleet of aircraft

– The state-of-the-art facilities

– The training simulators

– International certifications and approvals

Egnatia Aviation is an academy that provides well-trained pilots in each category of specialisation to major Airlines .  Moreover there are some fundamentals needed in order to provide this quality when it comes to professional pilot training. Strictly following our mission statement, we are committed to provide the best flight training conditions in Europe for the future commercial pilots. The excellent weather of Northern Greece is ideal for flight training, in accordance to key factors mentioned here below:

– Biggest and newest Diamond aircraft fleet in Europe ✓
– Team of 52 highly skilled & well experienced instructors ✓
– 6 cutting edge technology Simulators present (2 more on order) ✓
– EASA approved Maintenance Organization and team of highly skilled engineers ✓
– Active airline partnerships ✓

Professional Pilot training on the SIM

Egnatia’s  ultimate goal is to provide major airlines around the globe with highly skilled professionals whose career is predicted to be bright. Our cadets are being trained by the well experienced Instructors ,making use of the biggest Diamond aircraft fleet in Europe. Moreover, Egnatia Aviation is an active member of International Associations of Aviation Committees aiming to improve even more safety standards and optimise flight training methods. This is one of the reasons why Egnatia Aviation has 311 active cadets coming from all over the world. Additional it is to be mentioned that Egnatia Aviation Academy has 3 active contracts with 3 major Airlines (Wizz air, Aegean Airlines & Iraqi Airways) in order to train their future pilots.

Egnatia Aviation was founded in 2006 and since then, more than 2.550 pilots from 57 countries been graduated. Furthermore it is to be mentioned that 65% of our students are international. Each and every training year Egnatia Aviation’s fleet records over 25.000 hrs of flight time. A number which is far greater than that off all the other aviation schools in Greece together. Consequently makes us one of the largest flight academies in Europe.

We care about our students

At Egnatia Aviation we care about our students. We are always looking to make their training experience as exciting and as rewarding as possible. It is a duty for our professional team to guide the students successfully through all the steps of the courses working with them on every single matter. And that’s because we realise how important training instructors are for achieving the high standards the airlines require. Therefore our objective has always been to recruit experienced instructors that will provide all the necessary assistance and guidance you expect and more.

Through our international links we are familiar with the variant demands of international airlines’ wide range; therefore we provide personalised training support, depending on the trainee’s focus. Furthermore, Egnatia Aviation has already created partnership links with many international airlines, considering all their training needs.

International Recognition

Being one of the few EASA Approved Training Academies in Europe with experience in providing customised training products to some of the world leading airlines such as Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Wizz Air, Aegean, Iraqi Airways, a lot of expertise is gathered in order to establish what is believed to be one of the best training programs in Europe, with the needs of all modern air carriers in mind.

Furthermore Egnatia Aviation is approved and provides pilots for Oman Air, Kuwait Airways, Olympic, Flydubai, Gulf Air, Astra Airlines, Ellinair and it is to be mentioned that our graduates work in 61 different Airlines around 57 countries, with an employment rate of 95% within a year from their graduation.

Egnatia Aviation Flight Training College combines all the key factors and provides its cadets the best resources, material & human, in order to ensure airline pilot training of the highest standard possible.