ATPL: What is the Airline Transport Pilot License?

Post date: 18 April

Dο you know that one of the greatest achievements for an airline pilot is to get the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)?


Attaining an ATPL is the highest level of pilot certificate and it is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of each country. Let’s begin delving deeper into:

  • Explaining what is an Airline Transport Pilot license. 
  • How to obtain it and its requirements.
  • The most valid way to prepare for the theoretical exams.


Explanation of ATPL


An ATP License allows a professional pilot to further upgrade in the airline ranks, along with his/her experience on air. This certificate demonstrates that an airline pilot is highly competent and at the same time (s)he has under his belt many flight hours.

Notably, with an Airline Transport Pilot License pilots are fully certified to be captains in a commercial operator.The holder of an ATPL has all the privileges of the PPL, LAPL and CPL with the addition that the pilot may now act as commander on multi-crew aircraft of major airlines. 

How to obtain the license


To obtain an Airline Transport Pilot License, a prospective pilot first needs to complete some milestones. ATPL is the most important milestone in a professional pilot’s career. Nonetheless, there are stages before that.

  • Complete successfully the necessary flight training.
  • Succeed in the ATPL theory exams, that include subjects such as Air law, Aircraft General Knowledge, Mass and Balance, Human Performance & Limitations, Planning and Flight Monitoring, Meteorology, General and Radio navigation, Operational procedures, Principles of Flight, VFR and IFR Communications, Instrumentation & Performance.
  • Show a record of at least 1,500 flight hours, that includes multi-pilot operations on aircraft,instrument and cross-country flight time along with night flight time.
  • Pass a skill test to demonstrate the ability to perform, as a competent and highly skilled Pilot-in-Command of a multi-pilot aircraft under IFR.


Requirements for ATPL


There are some important requirements for obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot License. 

  1. The candidate should be at least 21 years old and hold a Part MED Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  2. Have the required experience for the type rating of the aircraft used in the skill test.
  3. Obtain an MPL or a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) (A) with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and have been trained in multi-crew co-operation (MCC).
  4. To get an ATPL Theory training an individual shall: a) be an ICAO PPL(A) holder, b) be older than 16 years old, and c) demonstrate proficiency in the English language at least at Level 4.

Preparation exams


At Egnatia Aviation, we offer a variety of training courses in order to prepare you for obtaining the required license for becoming an airline pilot. Whether you select our Airline Pilot Integrated Program or the modular courses, you will receive all the requisite theoretical and practical training for passing the ATPL exams. 

The difference between the two training paths is your dedication and time to complete the courses. In the first option, you will be enrolled in an intensive all-in-one course. This will give you the opportunity to graduate in 17 months and acquire all the required licenses.

If you choose to adjust your pace and time, then the option of modular training is the best alternative. This is a flexible path that includes a compilation of modular courses.  



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