How to Become a highly-skilled pilot

Post date: 24 January
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Is your dream to become a pilot and to soar in the skies? Do you wonder how you can distinguish yourself from the competition and be one of the best pilots in the top leading airlines around the world?

Before taking off at the right-hand seat on a modern airliner, there are some important milestones that you need to complete. We are here to guide you through the clutter of information. Below we answer the hot questions:

Market Standards

The recorded pilot shortage offers a unique opportunity for aspiring new pilots to rise. In its Aerospace Forecast, the Federal Aviation Administration notes clearly the enduring need for airline pilots. The aviation industry scenery changes. The demand for competent airline pilots increases. Airlines are in the process of renewing their fleet and enriching their pilot force with highly-skilled professionals.Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer, the leading aircraft manufacturers, have published their projections for the demand. The future airline force raises the stakes for those who dream of becoming commercial pilots. The airlines are very selective regarding hiring a professional pilot. Things of course are easier if someone wishes to acquire a private pilot license. Even in this case, flying a plane is quite a demanding task. Thus, you really do need to have what it takes.

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How to Stand Out

You decided to become a pilot. Now you will learn how to be a competent pilot. The basic requirements are the following:

– You need to be 17 and above.

– A High-School Certificate is a must.

– Having a Bachelor degree is not required anymore. Nonetheless, it does offer an extra advantage, if you have acquired one. It adds up to your skills’ armory.

– Ability to pass an EASA Class I Medical is a prerequisite.

– Demonstrate competence in the English Language (ICAO level 4)

Now, let’s talk about how you can make a difference and fly high as an airline pilot.

  1. The choice of an EASA Approved Training Academy is the first you should do.
  2. Select an Aviation Academy that has a demonstrated success record, state of the art facilities, and highly accomplished Flight instructors.

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  1. To work as an airline pilot requires an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). This is the paramount level of pilot certificate obtainable and a remarkable achievement.
  2. Additionally, train for a type rating. It allows a pilot to act as pilot-in-command of all turbojet aircraft, and all that exceed 5.67 tons maximum takeoff weight.
  3. You can either take an integrated course training or try the modular types, depending on your time and pace. We suggest the integrated course. Although it is more intense, you get an all in one specialized training, in theory, practice and soft skills.
  4. You should love what you are doing!

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Soft Skills Needed to Become a Pilot

You have conquered the technical skills. You have mastered the art of taking off. You can pilot different types of planes. You can do the requisite manoeuvres, and land the plane safely. Have you become a professional pilot?

Not yet! Except for the technical skills, airlines require your assessment of non-technical skills. In short, have you developed your soft skills?

To become a top pilot, you need more than having aced in theory and practice. Pilots need to have advanced soft skills. Being up in the sky is not an easy task. To excel you need to:

– Have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

– Think quickly and make decisions.

– Be detail-oriented.

– Have the ability to work as part of a team. You will need to work smoothly with your crew, air traffic controllers and flight dispatchers.

– Task management and prioritization are vital.

– Showcase excellent adaptability and professional demeanour in all circumstances.

– Remain calm under pressure.

– Have discipline, self-confidence and commitment.

– Develop leadership skills.

– Excel at spatial awareness and coordination.

Learn how to develop your technical and soft skills all in one

Why is the Airline Integrated Programme the Best Option?

Now, you can make your dream to become a pilot come true. You can be the ideal pilot of tomorrow. Egnatia Aviation has designed an Airline-tailored ATP(A) Integrated Course, which addresses all the Ab-Initio challenges of today’s future pilots.

The Airline Integrated Programme is an all in one training course, designed with the needs of all modern air carriers in mind.

Why is the best option to become a pilot?


– It integrates theory and flight training, for better knowledge and skills retention.

– Your soft skills are monitored and assessed.

– There are extra training hours in order to enhance your skills.

– Upon your graduation, you are better prepared to pass the airline. selection and Type Rating (including Multi-Crew Co-Operation – MCC).

– With the EASA License, you can apply for jobs anywhere in the world without any additional training.

– The programme offers an Airline Pre-entry assessment and selection.

– It is structured and continuous, and it takes 17 months to complete.

– Highly-experienced and accomplished instructors conduct the course.

– All airlines preferred it.

The Airline Oriented Integrated Course offers the quickest and more direct route for an Airline job.

Do you want more?

The idyllic location and weather of Northern Greece are a strong asset to your training. You will enjoy flying with a modern fleet and training in state-of-the-art facilities, in a warm and safe environment.

Plus, you will test your aptitude with the training simulator.

And because numbers do matter… our graduates work in 61 different Airlines around 57 countries, with an employment rate of 95.7% within a year from their graduation.

It is your time to become a pilot.

Accomplish your dream today.

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