How much does it cost to get a commercial pilot’s license (CPL)

Post date: 15 March
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Have you ever considered how much does it cost to get a commercial pilot’s license (CPL). It is an investment that will surely pay off gradually. Being a pilot is a highly prestigious job with many responsibilities. It requires extensive training and acquisition of soft skills, before flying an aircraft. In our previous blog, we have created a pilot salary guide for working in EU and Non-EU countries, based on many factors. In our current approach we delve deep into the following:

  • Let’s explain the cost of the pilot license CPL
  • Price range
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Which are the ‘hidden costs of the pilot license CPL?
  • Funding or sponsored possibilities


Let’s explain the cost of the pilot license CPL


To begin with, there are a number of choices you need to make. First, you need to decide on which course better fits your needs. Each course has its own characteristics and different cost to get the pilot license.

For instance, Ab-initio packages offer you a full and integrated training from A to commercial Airliner. The purpose of such an Airline Pilot Integrated Program is to prepare the cadets for the right-hand seat on a commercial airliner.

The Airline Integrated Course aims at preparing the pilots of the future, today. It is an all-in-one intensive course, that lasts 17 months. It follows a structured schedule. Through the strictest standards the candidates pass through all stages of training to become pro in commercial aviation. Those who select this program acquire all the requisite theoretical, technical and non-technical (soft) skills that airlines expect.

For example, the cost of this course for obtaining a commercial pilot license (CPL) covers:

  • Flight hours on a Single Engine Aircraft
  • Training hours on FNPT II Simulators
  • Flight hours on Twin Engine Aircraft
  • MCC (a total of 15 hours of advanced training on the Simulator)
  • Advanced UPRT and PBN training
  • Up to 3 hours Aircraft Use for the Skill Test
  • Full Time in-classroom ATPL Theory
  • Formative & Summative assessments
  • The necessary training materials including iPad, maps, charts, headset etc. (all)
  • Landing and approach fees (all)
  • Authority & exams fees (all)
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency Test
  • All examiners, examination and licensing fees
  • All appropriate taxes

There are also modular courses. This type of courses is an alternative of an integrated one. The cadets that cannot be 100% dedicated in a full-time schedule, may choose this more flexible path of training. The scheme allows the students to select a compilation of varied courses, such as:

So, with the selection of the modular courses, students can adjust the pace of their training to their own needs.

Depending on the course selection, the cost to get a commercial pilot’s license (CPL) differs.

Learn more about what course suits you better

Price Range


Let’s see now the price range of your training.

The cost of the training packages to get a pilot’s license (CPL) starts at 55,000€ and may go up to 120,000€.


Are there any hidden costs?


Can you imagine the training material for studying to be charged as an extra?

Is your “inclusive” package 100% inclusive and you are not going to need further training?

Yes, this is one of the many hidden costs. Unfortunately, there are training providers that do not inform about the full cost of obtaining a pilot license (CPL). This tactic of not disclosing all the costs aims at attracting more customers, due to the appealing cost. But, at the end, the cadet pays more that (s)he has bargained for.

So bear in mind that “appealing” cost to get a pilot license (CPL) does not necessarily means actual cost. Plus, the unexpected ‘additional’ costs can backfire both to the Flight Academy and consequently the aviation industry and the cadets.

In the first case, it harms the reputation of the training provider. Consequently, it creates skepticism about the aviation industry’ s authenticity.

From the trainees perspective, the unpleasant surprise may lead to the fallout of their financial planning. Even worse, the inability to pay more than planned, may cost them the continuation of their studies.

Which are the ‘hidden’ costs of the pilot license CPL?


Apart from the requisite training, studying to become a pilot includes a series of side services. These services have a cost which is often not mentioned by training providers. Below you may see those services:

  • Training equipment, such as books (electronic or hard copies), uniforms, training charts, regional maps, flight headset etc.
  • Fuel for the training aircraft.
  • Landing and take-off fees for the touchdowns to airports. Every airport requires payment for your landings, take offs and touchdowns.
  • Instructor fees and consulting.
  • Final examination and examiner fees for the skill test. The final skills test comes as an extra cost.
  • Licensing procedures and issuance fees. The training academy handles all the necessary communications with the public services, such as Civil Aviation Authorities of a country.
  • CAA administration and exam fees.
  • Necessary training courses for future employment (e.g. Advanced UPRT)

At Egnatia Aviation everything is clear from the beginning!

Sponsored possibilities


As one of Europe’s Top Flying Academies, we have various sponsored opportunities.

We are the exclusive training partner for Iraqi Airways, and we have a strong collaboration with Wizz Air and Aegean Airlines.

Our long-term agreement with Wizz Air includes the training of more than 100 cadets per year, from many different European countries.

Our partnership with Aegean Airlines ensures that a number of cadets from Greece and Cyprus will have the opportunity to be sponsored in order to participate in the Airline Pilot Integrated Program.

Also, Iraqi Airways sponsors Iraqi nationals that wish to fly with the airline, which contributes to the growth of the national carrier of Iraq.

We are here to help you select the best path for becoming a pilot with full transparency on the cost on getting a pilot license (CPL).


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