Charting Your Path as a Female Airline Pilot and Soaring Above the Clouds

Post date: 30 January

2024 is going to be an exciting time for diversity in the aviation industry. In the last few years, there has been growing access to education and services tailored towards female pilots, not to mention a larger presence of women in the cockpit, thanks to flight academies like Egnatia Aviation. Right now, there are more female cadets entering flight training spaces than ever before, and with such amazing opportunities, it’s not hard to see why.

Female Pilots: A Unique Approach to Female Empowerment

One of the most fantastic things about Egnatia Aviation is the fact that this academy prioritises a more holistic approach to flight training that appeals to a far broader audience. They have a unique classroom-to-cockpit philosophy that helps aspiring female pilots access top-level flying qualifications with EASA, GCAA and QCAA-approved courses, as well as inviting more experienced candidates to enhance existing skills in a fully professional environment.

Women can now tailor their airline pilot training structure with a blend of on-site and in-classroom learning, with state-of-the-art facilities including a dedicated airport, cutting-edge flight simulators and highly skilled instructors leading the charge. Egnatia is one of the leading flight schools promoting gender equality and supporting female cadets through modern practices, integrated flight training and so much more. The great news is that their efforts are reinforced by associations like Women in Aviation National, to elevate women to their full potential, so there’s no reason to hold back if flying is your passion and becoming a pilot is on your goals list.

Day-to-Day Life: A Female Perspective

A day in the life of a female cadet is an exciting one that will be filled with everything from ground school learning sessions to guided independent study, simulator lessons, flight lessons and group study initiatives. Egnatia Aviation provides a host of mentorship programs where female cadets will be guided by experienced airline pilots, to gain a strong sense of the role of women in aviation, the best learning practices and insights into real-world gender-based experiences. 

Learn about Women in Aviation

A typical day will start with participating in flight training lessons as part of an immersive approach to an array of flight courses and accelerated training. There will be a mix of different training events and everything is underpinned by a stunning backdrop (the school is situated in Kavala, northeastern Greece), a strong sense of community between cadets and access to Ivy League instructors that have a broad range of competencies. You may be interested to know that the number of females enrolled since the academy opened in 2006 is 174 – a whopping 6.8% of the total cadets. There are 27 active female cadets right now, comprising 9.6% of those currently in flight training, so you won’t be walking into a male-driven space, but instead a welcoming environment that can’t wait to teach you how to fly.

Career Pathways and Opportunities Post-Graduation

Egnatia Aviation has a host of courses and training packages that specialise in commercial pilot training. As one of the few EASA-approved training academies in Europe, aspiring female pilots like you will have access to:

  • The all-inclusive, intensive, Airline Pilot Integrated Programme
  • Modular courses, including the private pilot licence (PPL), instrument rating and ATPL theory
  • Advanced courses, including the PBN course, Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation and the Advanced UPRT course


Various career paths can be explored with the right selections, such as:

  • Commercial airline pilot
  • Corporate/business jet pilot
  • Pilot for an air tour operator
  • Cargo airline pilot


Egnatia partners with Wizz Air on a pilot academy programme, which sees a set number of graduates obtaining jobs with the airline every year. The overall employment rate, however, stands at 95.7% within 1 year of graduation, with over 200 cadets gaining jobs every year. This academy has 2,550 alums flying in over 61 different countries – why not check out some success stories right here?

In December 2023, Egnatia also added a unique partnership with The American College of Thessaloniki to their itinerary to further promote accessibility, with a combined BSc in Aviation Management with Pilot Studies.

Why Combining a BSc Degree with a Pilot’s License Elevates Your Future

Overcoming Unique Challenges: Personal Growth and Professional Development

There are so many fantastic stories showcasing the unique journeys, resilience and growth of female pilots, but none are more relevant than that of Egnatia’s very own Elina Skarpeta. When speaking of her experiences studying with this fight school, she says:

“Studying at Egnatia equipped me with the fundamental skills and attitude required to work in the aviation industry. The experienced instructors and the advanced aircraft were an integral part of preparing me for a career as a professional pilot. The meticulous standards to which they maintain their aircraft, as well as the well-equipped classrooms and facilities created an excellent training environment. I take the skills and experience that I gained during my time at Egnatia with me every day I go to work, making me a more competent and well-rounded pilot.”

Women in aviation will be able to develop skills and competencies such as adopting a professionalism and safety mindset, building a strong sense of identity, enhancing the drive to lead and training the mind to make snap decisions and perform risk assessment (and so much more). With such amazing opportunities, your dream to become a female pilot is more within reach than ever before.

Networking and Community: The Role of Peer Support

Egnatia Aviation Flight Academy will help you prepare for your career as an airline pilot on a personal level as well as a professional one – and it’s this unique approach that makes it so attractive to female candidates. You will find support from a fantastic network of cadets, as well as from specialists including instructors and personnel, and Egnatia even participates in various esteemed global aviation events to further build the networks of graduates for a more positive and diverse future.

The Future of Female Pilots at Egnatia Aviation Academy

 Egnatia Aviation is not only one of the major flight schools in Europe, but hosts some of the top training facilities, including the new Lydia Aerodrome, committing to drive the aviation industry into the 21st century. George Triantafyllidis, Business Development & Facilities Management Director, says:

 “The team at Egnatia Aviation is dedicated to bringing unrivalled support, education and facilities to aspiring female pilots from around the world. We are taking our holistic approach and building a strong community and foundation for women that will help to build a more diverse and positive environment. With my role in the development of training methodologies and experience in flight operations positions, my commitment is to further increase the number of female cadets enrolled and promote our already high percentage intake in 2024 and beyond.”

Getting Started: Guidance for Aspiring Female Pilots

As the rise in female pilots is promoting change for the industry, on the whole, you will be taking on the responsibility of forging a path for female pilots of the future. With so many programs available and an affordable approach to training, now really is the time to follow your dreams. Be sure to take some time to research exactly what will be expected from you as a female cadet, as well as the time intensity and commitment of training.

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