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The 9 Competencies Every Aspiring Airline Pilot Needs to Succeed

Where once the aviation industry was difficult to enter for prospective pilots, the last couple of years has seen some significant changes in sentiment and there are now growing job opportunities for individuals from a range of backgrounds regardless of age, race or gender. As one of the most coveted roles in the world, becoming […]

Beyond the Cockpit: A Look into the Life of an Airline Pilot

If you were to ask 100 children what they want to become when they grow up, we’re sure that a good number of them would say, airline pilots. This exciting career choice might take some intense education, but once you’re up in the air, there’s no feeling quite like it. Airline pilots get to travel […]

Strong Pilot Demand: Inside the Black Box of Pilot Shortage Globally

There has been a large global shift in the way travel has been approached in the last few years, but now that everyday life and the wider economy are settling back down after the rules and restrictions of Covid 19, there are new challenges to be faced. Right now, there is a widespread pilot shortage […]