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Women in Aviation Industry

Women in Aviation Industry Diversity and inclusiveness are fast becoming the focus for workforces around the world, but one of the major industries lacking in this area is aviation. As there is a real need for innovation and meeting the needs of one of the widest consumer bases globally, it can be imperative for airlines […]

Commercial flights are taking off again

After major disruptions in the airline industry in the last couple of years, commercial flights are taking off once again and momentum is steadily building in several areas. As of late 2022, more flights are being booked, new trends are emerging in flight training and tourists are looking forward to getting back to their pre-pandemic […]

The growth of the Global Airline Industry: The Market is Back

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, many sectors have been struggling to get back to normality. The airline industry has been no different, but the good news is that the market is gaining some steady traction and is closer to reaching pre-pandemic levels. The sector is now looking towards future growth with new technologies and […]