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How to choose the right flight school

Do you have a passion for flying? Maybe you are seriously considering attending a flight school to obtain your commercial license? The great news is that there are some fantastic flight schools out there. You just need to choose the right one. This might not be easy, as your expectations for high-quality learning, your budget […]

Aviation Courses: Integrated Vs Modular. Which one to choose?

Becoming an airline pilot requires extensive training and commitment. There are diverse training methods in order for a prospective pilot to obtain a commercial license. The aviation courses that Flight Academies offer have a lot of differences, such as: Type of aviation courses Hours needed for completion Background of the instructors Pricing How can an […]

Pilot training as a lifetime investment? A guide from A-Z

Have you ever thought of becoming a pilot and investing in a career full of amazing moments? Are you wondering what kind of training you will need to go through?   Let’s talk about everything pilot-wise! Maybe, you are finishing high school and it is time to select your future career.  Or, are you planning […]