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The growth of the Global Airline Industry: The Market is Back

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, many sectors have been struggling to get back to normality. The airline industry has been no different, but the good news is that the market is gaining some steady traction and is closer to reaching pre-pandemic levels. The sector is now looking towards future growth with new technologies and […]

Wizz Air Pilot Academy Program (WAPA): All you need to know

The aviation industry is diverse and exciting, offering something unique to those who want to become airline pilots. With the proper training, individuals will have the option not only to earn a significant income, travel the world and have a host of opportunities to grow their careers, but they will also benefit from an often […]

What is the Relation Between Flight Schools and the Airline Industry

The aviation industry plays an essential role in the economy both on a national and global scale. Bringing significant income to countries through tourism, increasing trade and providing millions of jobs, anyone can fly to the destination of their choice with little fuss. While this sector has many benefits, it functions like any other business. […]