APS MCC course – Airline Pilot Training

Post date: 19 May

Egnatia Aviation Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation (APS MCC) course.

Egnatia Aviation Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation (APS MCC) course aims to provide the transition for newly qualified low experienced ATPL(A) / CPL(A) / IR(A) license holders to a standard where their knowledge, situation awareness and skills (technical / non technical) on a jet airliner handling and operation will be that of an airline entry level.

It complements training on classic MCC, aircraft systems, advanced aircraft operation scenarios and SOPs, advanced swept wing jet training as well as development / assessment of ICAO core competencies.

The course provides the pilots with the necessary training, in compliance to AMC2 FCL.735.A to Part FCL-Amendment 3, in order to be competent to:

  • Combine their knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform a task to the standard.
  • Develop the technical and non technical components of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to operate a multi crew aircraft.
  • Be capable of effective situation awareness of the airplane systems when following normal and non normal procedures . While using the related checklists.
  • Develop a flight path management competency. Including energy management as pilot flying (PF) and associated active monitoring skills as pilot monitoring (PM).
  • Understand the airplane flight envelop and inertia, as well as the relationship of thrust and attitude (pitch and power). This way you can deal effectively with the scenario of airspeed unreliable.
  • Recognize an upset situation, to avoid entering / recover from it by applying the appropriate procedures, building confidence, skill and resilience.

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