Why Kavala Is the Perfect Backdrop for Airline Pilot Training?

Post date: 16 December

Kavala is all about unexpected blends. Crystal blue beaches and flower-filled courtyards blend perfectly with history and culture. The natural treasures and unique history of the monuments and archaeological sites make Kavala a serene environment for learning and exploring.

Tucked away in Northeastern Greece, the seaside city effortlessly combines all the aspects of Greece and has a knack for rewarding visitors. Kavala has a long history as one of the main port cities in Northern Greece, sitting in the middle of the Macedonian coastline close to Thassos Island and sitting in the middle of Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli. With such an enduring history, you can journey through eras in your pilot training against a backdrop of vibrant culture and rich history.

Pilot Training Amidst History

Pilot training in Kavala provides an immersive experience for cadets looking for a multicultural environment for training. You will get a glimpse of the past and appreciate the modernity of the aviation industry. Besides, the combination of sunny Mediterranean and southern continental weather conditions makes Kavala the perfect pilot training location for cadets.

Despite being a historical city, Kavala has embraced innovation, especially in civil aviation. For instance, you will find the first privately-owned Lydia Aerodrome, five kilometres northwest of the city. The Aerodrome boasts 1,330 metres of day & night VFR-approved runway, fully equipped with FBO facilities and an extendable apron space for diverse aircraft. Lydia Aerodrome is based on the best examples of GA fields. Cadets at Egnatia use the aerodrome for training aside from the landside fields.

Experience history in Panagia

Apart from the intense training, you can experience the culture and beautiful landscapes of Kavala. Go time travelling in the old town of Kavala in Panagia district, which squeezes over 2,500 years of history into the architecture and cobblestoned streets. Stroll the multicoloured mansions with a flower-filled courtyard and experience the charm of the old town. Climbing the Fortress of Kavala is a rewarding experience that serves up sublime views of the city. There’s a lot of history to explore in the old town, from the remnant tobacco warehouses to Kamares and the arched aqueduct.

Explore a coastline of beaches

Kavala isn’t just about ancient towns and history; the landscape is beautiful. You can spend the day at the beach sunbathing or swimming in the clear blue waters. Some popular spots down the coast are Nea Peramos and Ammolofi Beach. Nea Peramos isn’t just a swimming destination; it’s a lively beach with tavernas, hotels and cafes. Another enchanting beach is the Ammoglossa Keramotis, which is popular for its exotic curve of pine tree-fringed sand and shallow waters.

More than Just Flight Training – A Cultural Odyssey

It would be impossible for Kavala’s history and multicultural past not to influence its taste and culture. From casual street vendors to upmarket restaurants, the food is delicious. If you love seafood and meats, you will find a variety of cuisines to enjoy. Head to laneways to find tavernas where you can enjoy diverse delicacies or enjoy a nightcap in the charming bars.

If you want to enjoy a holistic experience during your pilot training, ensure you participate in the local events. Kavala hosts numerous festivals throughout the year where you can experience the history and culture of the area. For instance, the Philippi Festival between July and August is a must-attend for history enthusiasts, or you can experience the unique culture of Kavala at the Cosmopolis festival.

Experience state-of-the-art pilot training

Egnatia Aviation provides a holistic pilot training experience in tranquil surroundings. The airline Integrated Programme helps cadets prepare for a successful career in commercial aviation. From state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with audio-visual and modern training methods to briefing rooms for pre-flight instructor-student sessions, you are guaranteed an interactive experience. With the Integrated Programme, Egnatia uses simulator sessions to mimic real-world flying conditions and train cadets on various flight scenarios.

You will work with Ivy League instructors to make you a world-class pilot and gain relevant skills in flying a modern fleet. Egnatia collaborates with leading airlines like Wizz Air, Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air and Iraqi Airways to provide a faster transition to commercial airlines. The current employment statistics for Egnatia is 95.7% within one year from graduation, with alumni flying to over 61 countries.

Advantages of Kavala’s Geographical Location

Kavala is situated near the Aegean Sea in the eastern Mediterranean. The weather and geographical diversity of the area offer the perfect training facility for pilots. Kavala has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, with a semi-arid climate in Lydia airport area, where the training facility is located, while the city has a humid subtropical climate. Aside from the weather, you can also expect mountainous locations in the area, providing the ideal terrain for commercial pilot training. With Kavala’s proximity to European countries, cadets have numerous cities to explore during their training.

A Global Community of Future Pilots

When you are choosing a pilot training facility, you want a flight school that prepares you for all facets of commercial flying. Aside from gaining technical skills, Egnatia provides a fully-rounded experience for working as an airline pilot by fostering piloting soft skills. The pilot training includes building skills like in-flight teamwork, professional support and communication. With Egnatia’s strong alumni network, you are guaranteed a great support system throughout your career. Cadets at Egnatia are from various countries around the globe, which fosters the cultural exchange of ideas and experiences. You also interact with alumni working in international airlines and build lifelong friendships from the networking events.

Become an Airline Pilot and Live the Unique Mediterranean Experience

The city of Kavala is a gem with a rich history and beautiful surroundings, making it the perfect backdrop for all-rounded aviation training. The laid-back culture and breathtaking environment warmly welcome every aspiring pilot. With a backdrop of the past eras, it’s the perfect place to experience the future of aviation in the state-of-the-art Egnatia Aviation training facility. Enjoy simulator and flight sessions at Lydia Aerodrome and receive training from world-class instructors to prepare you for your commercial pilot career.

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