Professional Pilot Training Completion

Post date: 10 July

Congratulations to Egnatia Aviation’s cadet Muntasar Albarwani for his successful completion of his advanced professional pilot training course!!!

Below you may find his testimonial:

Muntasar Albarwani :

Professional Pilot Training Completion

“Before joining Egnatia Aviation I decided to visit the school to see exactly what the set up was. I was guided around the school’s facilities by George, who gave me a tour at the Ground School, Flight line and accommodation area. During my visit, I had the chance to meet with some active students and chat with them, while they also gave me some helpful advice.

I finally joined Egnatia in October 2018 and I started my training with the 1st Theoretical phase. Upon its completion, I went to the flight line and started flying with the Diamond aircraft. The training course includes an alteration between theoretical and flight phases. This method helps the cadet to study and gain flight experience at the same time.

I was impressed by the high quality of Professional Pilot training in both Ground School and Flight line: the instructors are very experienced and have a vast amount of knowledge. They also have a unique ability to deliver the information in the easiest and most helpful way.

Completion of the APS_ MCC course

All the staff is friendly and approachable, while they are always willing to help when you need assistance.
I found Egnatia to have a professional but friendly atmosphere and I’ve made a lot of great friends through my studies here.
The time schedule of my training was definitely kept and I managed to graduate within the time-frame they gave me.

I would definitely recommend the school to others without hesitation; it was definitely worth the money I paid.

I would like to thank Egnatia Aviation’s staff for helping me through this journey; it’s been an unforgettable experience!”

We  wish to Pilot Muntasar Abarwani to have a bright career ahead.