Can I become a pilot?

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Can I
become a pilot?

Everybody dreams and wishes their dreams come true. And since the world spins around, the sky seems to be the birthplace of your dreams!

If you dream of becoming a pilot, just check the details and the requirements to find out if you can taxi soon on the runway.

In order to be able to taxi for take-off, there are some minimum requirements that you have to meet before starting your training. It goes without saying that flying a plane is a quite demanding task, therefore we need to be sure that you really do have what it takes, in order to become an airline pilot.

Criteria & skills
- Be a High School Certificate holder.
- Undertake the Egnatia Aviation Selection Process (math, physics and aptitude tests).
- Be 17 years old and above.
- Able to pass an EASA Class I Medical.
Fitness & Health Condition
Holding an EASA Class 1 medical certificate.
A Class-1 EASA medical certificate will always be mandatory during all the active years of a pilot. The certificate will include a review of your medical history, hearing and vision screening, blood and urine analysis test, pulmonary function tests, cardiac function tests as well as psychometrics.
Missing something?
Do you think that something is missing from your CV? Don’t worry! Egnatia Aviation is here to help you with all the arrangements and details needed in order to get ready for the amazing experience of becoming a pilot.
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