How to apply

A guide to Egnatia Aviation
How to apply
A guide to Egnatia Aviation
The process of becoming a pilot is not as complicated as it seems to be. It only takes a few steps to begin a course which will lead you to success.
How to become a pilot - Registration steps
Do you dream of becoming an airline pilot and want to know how? See the steps below and find out how. Don’t forget: Our admission officers are here to guide you throughout the entire process:
01. Check the training courses we provide
There are multiple ways to achieve your goal. Got questions? It’s ok! Check our programs and ask our specialists for guidance, additional information and details such as starting dates, duration, price etc. This will allow us to find out the best way of training which will cover your needs.
02. Submit your application
What you need to do is:

a) Fill the necessary enrollment forms in (Student Enrollment Form and Training Contract)

b) Provide us with a copy of your passport or ID
03. Pass the selection process of Egnatia Aviation
This is an important part of the registration. We want you to be certain right from the start that you are up to the task and got all the qualifications to proceed. In that way we have a really good indicator that you are trainable and will have a fruitful training! We use the software that airlines use and there is a specific department of Egnatia – Cadet Selection department – whose officers will guide you throughout the entire process.
04. Obtain the medical certificate needed
Another important part – To become a successful airline pilot you will need to be examined by aeromedical doctors and get the EASA Class 1 medical certificate, which will verify that you are in a good physical condition and meet the standards to begin training. Our admission officers may provide further information on the matter, as we often book group slots for our students who are about to begin their training.
05. Proceed with the necessary payments
At this point you have almost completed your registration and all that remains is to proceed with the relevant payment. Do not worry, you will already be aware of the exact price and payment plan you need to follow in advance, so you may arrange your finances.
06. Clear for take – off
You are now ready to begin your training. Our training resources are now at your disposal and will make sure that you will achieve your primary goal!
Ask us Anything!
We are here to help!
We are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to get in touch by clicking on the link below!