Information for Parents

Safety is a main priority for Egnatia Aviation.
Information for parents
Safety is a main priority for Egnatia Aviation.
When a student joins Egnatia Aviation, it means that they become a member of our large family. We are here to listen to them and take care of every matter relevant or even irrelevant to their training and studies. As for the training part, every student of Egnatia Aviation has a dedicated tutor to guide them through all the steps of the courses, keeping track with their performance and advise them on every single part of their studies.
Safety first
Safety is a main priority for Egnatia Aviation. Our EASA approved maintenance centre with experienced Diamond Engineers ensures that our planes are maintained according to the manufacturer’s standards, on an intense basis. This is the reason that all our planes are ready to fly as scheduled, eliminating any imponderables.
Join us
Since you may be interested in scheduling a tour of our training premises prior to your child’s enrolment, we are excited for you to join us. Check the Schedule a Visit page for more information, or just contact us.
Check some important dates
In Greece there are National Holidays: The first on March 25th and the second on October 28th. These days can be a perfect opportunity for a family visit, don’t miss them!
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We are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to get in touch by clicking on the link below!