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All non-European Union passport holders, require a national visa type D. This type of Visa will also provide a residence permit.
The requirements for the VISA issuance are:
1. Certified copy of the competent Authority’s (Hellenic Civil Aviation) approval for the activities of the aviation school.
2. Certification of the aviation school for:
  • duration of the training course
  • brief description of the course (e.g. commercial aircraft full pilot training or completion of flight hours or ground handling training, etc)
  • starting date of the course
  • total fees required
  • confirmation that you meet the requirements to be accepted by the school itself
  • indication of any other critical provision offered by the aviation school (if any, e.g. accommodation)
3. Curriculum vitae.
4. Curriculum vitae of the student’s sponsor
5. Evidence of means of subsistence (student’s or sponsor’s), e.g. pay-slips, bank statement of the last 6 months, etc.
6. Upon Visa Type D approval, a proof that payment has been made, equal to 1/3 of the total amount.
7. The application form for the visa issuance.
8. A passport with expiration date at least two years after the date the student will apply for the visa.
9. A copy of the student’s criminal record.

This VISA is issued by the Greek Embassy responsible for the applicant’s passport issuing country or country of residence.

Egnatia Aviation has established good relations with all the embassies in your region, and will assist in obtaining the VISA in the shortest possible period and with minimal hassle.

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