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Life in Kavala
Student Life
Life in Kavala and Kozani
Kavala: a place to dream, a city to live, a destination to explore

Kavala boasts a unique character reflecting its recent past: neoclassical mansions and big tobacco warehouses evoke the memory of a distant past when a wealthy bourgeoisie was dominating the city. In the “Mecca of tobacco” as Kavala was named in the past, thousands of tobacco workers, male and female, earned their living. Their faces will remain alive for all eternity thanks to the black and white photos adorning the walls of the city’s Tobacco Museum. At the cobblestoned, lined with palm trees port, stand one next to another modern buildings and fish tavernas, while fish boats cast their reflection on azure waters.

This unique character perfectly combines with the modern ways of life and entertainment. The city’s most popular meeting point is Eleftherias Square, while the most buzzing point is Megalou Alexandrou pedestrian street, featuring chic shops, cafes, bars as well as a tobacco warehouse that has been transformed into a shopping centre. Close to Eleftherias square lies the old scenic neighbourhood of Agios Nikolaos, with the picturesque pedestrian streets and tavernas, leading you to the ultimate traditional destination, the old town at Panagias Peninsula. Kavala is also a centre of arts. The Filippi drama Festival in the Summer, the musical festival of every kind of music, and many more cultural events take place in Kavala all year round.

Daily excursions

With frequent ferry service from Kavala and Keramoti, Thassos is a magnificent summer destination, even for daily excursions. Known as the “Emerald of the Aegean”, Thassos combines traditional mountain villages with cosmopolitan seaside resorts and sparkling beaches.

Near Crysoupolis town, Nestos River is a scenery of exquisite beauty and ecological interest. Enjoy hiking on the European path E6 while finding rare flora and fauna or go down the river by canoe and kayak. Reaching the Delta of the river is a unique experience; it stretches for 27km and It is the habitat of herons, cormorants and flamingos.

Nea Peramos and Nea Iraklitsa are nearby seaside resorts with long sandy beaches. There are hotels, a wide range of tourist facilities and the appropriate infrastructure for climbing and diving lovers. Restaurants and cafes can be found along the seafront lend.

Mt Paggaio, 1956 meters above sea level, is covered with chestnuts, beeches and oaks while an asphalt road goes up to the mountain top. At the top there is a spacious ski run and a refuge for climbers. Midway, you can stop at the chalet ‘Dasiko Chorio’, where you can have a meal as well as find lodging. Besides that, οn the way towards the top there are grillrooms and springs with running fresh water. The mountainsides are ideal for climbing.

Phlippi is a complex of ancient, classical and roman monuments. The ancient theatre and the forum, the Roman Egnatia Via and the Christian Basilica are the main musts of the area. Moreover the ancient theatre of Philippi is an UNESCO world heritage site.

Blend in the mixture of time, styles and landscapes

Kozani was founded during the 14th and 15th century, as a shelter for Christians after the Ottoman conquest, located in the middle of the crossroad between Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Larissa. The traditional character of culture and architecture is combined with the modern vibes of the city, providing the visitor with a unique experience. The landscape, formed by the generous valley of Aliakmonas river, and the nearby mountains create a wide variety of diverse options for daily excursions and entertainment.

Culturewise, Kozani is included in the National Cultural Network of Cities with object the promotion of the Book and Reading, having the second biggest library in Greece. The Archaeological Museum, the Historical - Folklore and Natural History Museum and plenty of cultural spots consist the one side of the cultural “coin” of Kozani. The other side is deeply rooted to the ancient Dionysiac cult, and it is mainly represented by the aspects local folklore, such as its carnival. As a blend of different eras, nowadays Kozani is a friendly and vivacious city with plenty of social and cultural events, coffee shops, restaurants and a great variety of options for entertainment.

Daily excursions

The artificial lake of Polyfyto and the modern village of Neraida, 20km away from the city of Kozani, is one of the most important tourist resorts in the region, combining the natural beauty and a well organised location.

30km form Kozani, Velventos is a charming village, rich in history and natural surroundings. The magnificent landscape with the famous waterfalls of Skepasto and the canyon path leading up to the springs of the waterfall blends in with the majestic green of the forest.

Looking for a unique setting, where the mountains and its wilderness provide a strong sense of solitude, then Siatista is for you. A traditional picturesque town, build on the legends and living through tradition.

Ptolemaida, 28km northwest of Kozani, is an important industrial centre of the region and one of the largest reserves of lignite, accommodating the most important power plants in Greece.

Looking for a unique winter excursion, Vasilitsa village and ski resort offers a variety of options. 1,5 hour away from Kozani a magnificent trip leads to a magnificent destination.

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