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Egnatia Aviation

Egnatia Aviation specializes in commercial pilot training based on airline standards, procedures and systems. Furthermore, paperless interactive training materials and records mirror those of the world class airlines.

Egnatia Aviation is one of the few EASA Approved Training Academies in Europe with experience in providing customized training products to some of the world leading airlines.

Ab-initio packages

Ab-initio packages are here to offer you a full and integrated training from A to commercial Airliner. The purpose of such an Airline Pilot Integrated Preparation Program is to prepare the Candidate Student for the right hand seat on a modern airliner. By following a dedicated schedule and through the strictest standards the candidate passes through all phases of training to become a pro in commercial aviation.

Airline Integrated Course

Egnatia Aviation has decided to introduce its new Airline Pilot Integrated Preparation Program. We’ve reached this decision due to the large demand for the integrated option from collaborating airlines.

Modular courses

A modular course is an alternative of an integrated one. You can choose this flexible path of training if you are not able to be 100% dedicated in a full time schedule. Moreover, by choosing a compilation of modular courses you can adjust the pace of your training to your own needs, and since everything will be scheduled, you may finish all the demanded licenses and ratings on your own time.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

course overview course duration 4 weeks total flight hours 25 hours aircrafts DA40 NG (single engine)DA42 NG (twin engine)Alsim ALX II (Simulator) All course start dates Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) Make your dreams professional The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) enables pilots to be paid for the services they are offering. To commence the CPL training [...]

Night Rating

course overview course duration 5 days total flight hours 5 hours aircraft DA40 NG (single engine) All course start dates Night Rating Be the wind that tames the night Night rating allows you to exercise the privileges of your PPL at night. You need 5 hours night flight training, one of which must be solo. [...]

Instrument Rating (ME/IR)

course overview course duration 8 weeks total flight hours 45 hours FNPT II simulator (Alsim ALX) Simulator hours 30 hours aircraft DA42 NG (twin engine) All course start dates Instrument Rating (IR) Pro &Precise In order to be able to fly with a Single-Engine or Multi-Engine aircraft in controlled airspace and/or in weather conditions that [...]

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Advanced courses

Egnatia Aviation is approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and EASA to provide a series of advanced training courses that will sharpen the trainee's skills and make him the ideal candidate during the selection process of any airline.

Conversion courses

Our academy is fully certified to provide you with conversion training courses. Convert your ICAO license into EASA and exploit the potentials and career opportunities of the European License.


course overview course duration CPL Unknown course duration IR Unknown course duration FI Unknown All course start dates CONVERSIONS Conversion courses The aim of the course is to enable the pilot to become proficient in multi-crew co-operation (MCC), in order to operate safely multi-pilot, multi-engine airplanes. The objectives of MCC training are focused on optimum [...]

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