Airline Pilot Integrated Program
Airline Pilot Integrated Program

The aim of Egnatia’s ATP(A) Integrated course is to train pilots to those particular theoretical, technical & non-technical skills needed in order to develop the competencies that are expected by the airlines for their future captains.

course overview
Course duration: 73.2 weeks (17 months including breaks and holidays)
Program phases (Theory & Flights): 6 phases
Total flight training hours: 225 hours
Total theoretical hours (in-class): 828 hrs

By completing this training program, the candidate pilot:

  • Obtains the EASA CPL(A)/IR/ME with ATPL(A) Theory and MCC.
  • Is ready to apply for the selection process of international airlines
  • Is eligible to become a competent airline pilot
  • Becomes competent towards the modern airline philosophy, even from the beginning of the course
  • Has obtained the necessary technical and non-technical skills

Course includes:

  • Total training hours: 225
  • 123.5 hours on a Single Engine Aircraft – Diamond DV20 and DA40 (78.5hrs +45hrs)
  • 42.5 hours on FNPT II Simulators
  • 19 hours on a Diamond DA42 Twin Engine Aircraft
  • APS MCC (a total of 40hrs of advanced training on the Simulator)
  • Advanced UPRT and PBN training  
  • Up to 3 hours DA42 Aircraft Use for the Skill Test
  • Full Time ATPL Theory (in classroom) + Formative & Summative assessments: 828 hours

Also included

  • All the necessary training materials including IPad, maps, charts, headset etc.
  • All landing and approach fees
  • All authority fees (HCAA) & exams fees
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency Test
  • All examiners, examination and licensing fees
  • All applicable taxes

Entry requirements

  • Be 17 years old and above
  • Be high school graduate
  • Able to issue EASA Class 1 Medical certificate
  • Pass Egnatia Aviation Selection Process

Starting dates

  • 06/02/2024
  • 04/03/2024  Aegean Cadet Scheme
  • 14/05/2024
  • 16/07/2024
  • 17/09/2024
  • 15/10/2024
  • 26/11/2024
Meet the diamonds
Theoretical and flight training are both divided into 3 phases:
Strictly following the Airline requirements the course structure is demonstrated below. Full theory is been delivered in the first part, followed by the flight training phases.
Assessment & preparation
(1 week)
Theory module 1
(14 weeks)
Theory Module 2
(5 weeks)
Theory Module 3
(10 weeks)
Flight Phase 1
(13 weeks)
Flight Phase 2
(4.5 weeks)
Flight phase 3
(18 weeks)
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