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Kavala International Airport “Megas Alexandros” (KVA/LGKV)

Kavala International Airport (KVA/LGKV) is one of the best equipped airports in southern Europe. Due to the combination of the sunny Mediterranean and the stable Southern Continental weather conditions, Kavala International Airport is the ideal location for both Visual and Instrument Flight training.

VOR/DME and NDB locator are available at the airport, while an ILS is soon to be installed. In the meantime the nearby Thessaloniki airport ILS will be used for instrument landing training. Another two ILS equipped nearby airports are also used for training purposes.

There are a couple of daily flights to and from Athens and several flights to and from other (mainly) European Airports, on regular or seasonal basis. During the summer many international charter flights bring holidaymakers to the popular nearby Island of Thasos and other nearby areas.

The busy Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia” (SKG/LGTS) is now only 90 minutes away by car, or by regular inexpensive buses, and it can be used as an alternative arrival or departure airport. The quieter airport of Alexandroupolis (AXD/LGAL) is even closer than Thessaloniki airport, but with a less frequent bus schedule.

Kavala International Airport “Megas Alexandros” (KVA/LGKV)




Kozani National Airport "Filippos” (KZI/LGKZ)

The national airport of Kozani "Philippos" is located 4km away from the city of Kozani, towards Southeast of the city and is operating since 1950. The facilities of the airport cover400 m^2. Egnatia Aviation operates in the airport of Kozani since 2018, by expanding and tremendously upgrading and the existing facilities in order to provide our students with the best pilot training possible.

The busy Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia” (SKG/LGTS) is now only 90 minutes away by car, or by regular inexpensive buses, and it can be used as an alternative arrival or departure airport.

We are here to help
Egnatia Aviation training facilities are located at Kavala International Airport “Megas Alexandros”, at the main area of the former passengers’ terminal. The 1.000m2 area includes our modern offices, maintenance department and simulator room. We have designed large classrooms, modern briefing rooms and direct access to the airport apron.
The new expansion of Egnatia Aviation’s activities takes place in Kozani. Our brand new facilities are located right in the heart of the city and accommodate all the functional, administrational and theory training procedures of Kozani’s branch.
State of the art
Egnatia Aviation has a significant number of fully-equipped classrooms for theory training, in the area of the Kavala’s International airport, in the city of Kavala and also in the city of Kozani. The classrooms are designed according to the needs of the courses, offering audiovisual and interactive material presentation, dictated by the most modern methods of training, to offer the most comprehensive courses to our students. Moreover, there are plenty of dedicated rooms for different parts of training purposes, such as IFR theory training, as well as briefing rooms for pre-flight Instructor-student face to face sessions.
Simulator room
This is one of the most dedicated areas in Egnatia Aviation facilities. The special configured area hosts the new state-of-the-art Alsim ALX simulator, fully operational 24/7 and approved as FNPTII and FNPTII MCC, to be used both for training (IR, MCC, etc.) and by airlines (recruitment sim check, SOPs, etc.). The wide projection screen and the simulator itself are configured according to the highest approved standards, to provide students with the most realistic adaptation of each training scenario.

Egnatia Aviation always invests in modern technology and state-of-art equipment, therefore an upgrade with 6 more Simulators has already been scheduled.
Cafe & restaurant
Recreation areas
Our students can enjoy their free time and grab a meal or just some coffee while being at Egnatia Aviation facilities. It is highly important for us to make our student feel like home and understand that their training does not consist only of strict lessons, but also includes moments of joy with their colleagues.
A home away from home
Egnatia Aviation offers convenient located, self catering accommodation to all students. All apartments are fully equipped for self catering with all cooking utensils, bedlinen and washing facilities. Internet access and all bills are included in the price.
We are located in one of the most idyllic locations in Northern Greece
As the principal port of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, Kavala is located 160km east of Thessaloniki. A city of amazing history, magnificent landscape and wonderful people, founded in the late 7th century B.C. as Neapolis, renamed as Christoupolis during the Byzantine era and finally as Kavala, since the 16th century, the city has always been a place of desire through history, scattered with monuments of historical interest.

The picturesque location and the historical monuments are the main reasons that Kavala is one of the most significant touristic destinations in Northern Greece. The old town of Kavala, the archeological site of Philippi with the ancient theatre and its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Roman Egnatia Via and the first European steps of Apostle Paul, up to the significant moments of Modern Greek History, mark the importance of the area. Additionally, the beauty of the natural landscape can hardly be described. The mountains Paggaeo and Symvolo, combined with the golden beaches and Nestos river, form a magnificent scenery, while the nearby island of Thassos is a must for the summer months.
Where the modern mixes with well-preserved traditional elements
Kozani is the capital of Kozani regional unit and of West Macedonia region. Embraced by the river valley of Aliakmonas, the artificial lake of Polyfyto and the mountains Pieria, Vermio, Vourinos and Askio, the city of Kozani is an actual transport node between the regions of Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly. A mixture of traditional and modern architecture, Kozani has earned a distinctive place in the greek geography. A “city of books”, as it is called nowadays, Kozani played a significant role in the years of Modern Greek Illuminism, with a treasure of more than 120.000 editions of old and rare books and manuscripts well preserved at the “Kovendarios” Library of Kozani.

The natural beauty of the landscape also dominates the interest of the visitor. The majestic variations of the surrounding mountains, Aliakmonas river and the picturesque nearby locations, are always a destination to explore and enjoy.