Wizz Air Pilot Academy Program (WAPA): All you need to know

Post date: 19 October

The aviation industry is diverse and exciting, offering something unique to those who want to become airline pilots. With the proper training, individuals will have the option not only to earn a significant income, travel the world and have a host of opportunities to grow their careers, but they will also benefit from an often fast-paced, challenging and exciting working environment.

As there are many ways to obtain an airline pilot’s license, it may seem not easy at first glance to find the right pathway to take for the best education. The good news is that it can be as simple as looking for a pilot training provider with a strong partnership with at least one major airline.

Airline pilot training schools that partner with one or more major airlines offer students an array of advantages over those that simply provide training.

Advantages such as:

  • Training according to the airline standards and policies
  • Increased potential when securing employment

Wizz Air has a training program undertaken via one of the top 5 EASA-approved flight training academies in Europe, Egnatia Aviation. Choosing the right flight school is an important endeavour. Thus, knowing that this flight school has set the benchmark for pilot training worldwide may be worthwhile.

Students will work with highly skilled and experienced instructors, have access to outstanding facilities, amenities and flight training tools and will be able to select the proper flight courses for their needs from a list of the leading industry curriculum. While all of this will present aspiring pilots with the best start to their flying careers, Egnatia also works with Wizz to give their students the best possible chances of finding direct employment at the end of their studies. You can learn more about becoming a Wizz Air pilot on our international recognition & partnerships page.

Learn about the Wizz Air Careers

Who is Wizz Air?

As the fastest-growing European low-cost airline (with destinations in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia as well), Wizz Air has quickly made a name for itself as an affordable, inclusive and environmentally-conscious carrier. With an active fleet of 170 aircraft and plans to reach 500 by 2030, new pilots have plenty of opportunities to secure an invaluable job position and advance their Wizz career in a well-established yet evolving company for a lifetime investment. As just one more incentive, Wizz Air also offers financial schemes to help aspiring pilots with training fees.

A more in-depth description of the Wizz Air Pilot Program

Egnatia Aviation and Wizz Air have been promoting a successful partnership for four years in a row. Since 2018, they have accepted hundreds of cadets from across Europe to take on the flight training they need to enter the aviation industry with little to no previous experience. As the largest sponsored cadet team in this part of the world, those hoping to obtain their pilot’s license can expect comprehensive and intensive learning in the all-in-one Airline Pilot Integrated Program.

An 18-month integrated ATPL course consists of WAPA’s integrated theoretical and practical training to provide aspiring pilots with a Commercial Pilot License with Multi Engine and Instrument Ratings alongside the Airline Transport Pilot License theory. Wizz Air accepts applications from everyone who is entitled to live, study and work in the EU or any other country in which the airline has a base. Notably, Egnatia Aviation has trained cadets from several countries, such as:

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Bulgaria
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • North Makedonia
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hiring requirements to become a Wizz Air Airline Pilot

Wizz Air has a dedicated department run by highly qualified selection officers who screen all candidates for eligibility and skills before forwarding them at Egnatia Aviation to undertake the required Integrated course. With a high employment rate and hundreds of pilots finding success with the WAPA cadet scheme, why not consider becoming a pilot?

Candidates can apply for roles with Wizz Air online. They will need to click on the link dedicated to the Wizz Air Pilot Academy Program. Applications will be pre-screened by the selection team who will review all applications with their ethos and needs in mind. Those who pass this stage will then be invited to a face-to-face Pilot Recruitment Assessment, which will comprise a host of evaluations (further information will be provided before the selection day to ensure correct preparation).

It is then up to the recruitment team to decide if applicants fit the role, taking into consideration as well the review from Egnatia Aviation assessors.

Aspiring pilots can learn more about our Airline Pilot Integrated Course here

Egnatia Aviation is an approved Airline flight training provider of Wizz Air

The great thing about this partnership is that Egnatia is a fully-equipped, top-tier flight school that offers so much more to students than many other academies. Aspiring pilots can expect the following:

  • 95.7% employment within 1 year of graduation
  • 200+ cadets getting employed every year
  • 101 training personnel with 42 internationally-trained expert instructors
  • 2,550 alums flying in 61+ different countries
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs
  • Practical training is undertaken at Egnatia’s own General Aviation Aerodrome (Lydia)
  • A comprehensive list of training courses under popular subgenres, such as ab-initio packages, modular courses, advanced courses and conversions courses – for both single-engine and multi-engine aircraft
  • Egnatia operates one of Europe’s largest aircraft fleets, including 19 new generation Diamond aircraft, such as the 7 DV20 Katana, 8 DA40 NG, 3 DA42 NG and 1 DA20.

Dream big with Wizz Air & Egnatia Aviation: Watch the video

What our alumni say about their experience of training with Egnatia Aviation

“Egnatia Aviation, in my opinion, is one of the best flight schools in Europe. The reason why? It is a flight school that is oriented for the big airliners, teaching their cadets according to very clear Standard Operating Procedures.”

As Milea Nikolaos, First Officer in WizzAir at OTP base, says about the WizzAir Pilot Academy in Egnatia Aviation Flight school, when he started the type rating with Wizz Air, he was subjected to “higher than standard” grades, with the instructors telling him that he is at an advanced level for a cadet. As he mentions, the reason behind his high grades was the very high standard of training.

Christos Christou, who is also an airline pilot for Wizz Air, notes that compared to many other flight schools he has enrolled in, the first feeling about Egnatia Aviation was the very high professionalism. He points out that this should be the way of teaching how to fly safely and how to think one step ahead.

“Throughout my training journey, I was able to enjoy the high standards of training and safety directly from vastly experienced and skillful ground and flight instructors. They all have hundreds of flight and teaching hours under their belts in commercial and air force operations. Their multiyear experience makes them understand the training needs of each student and apply the right teaching methods to facilitate the best outcome and, of course, for their students to succeed in their exams, but mostly be able to understand and learn.”

Egnatia Aviation has been characterised as a Class A, one of the top flight schools, for certain reasons. The highly-skilled faculty, the cutting-edge facilities, the modern fleet, and the amazing location in Kavala, Northern Greece, make Egnatia Aviation the best choice for a future professional airline pilot.

In the words of Christos Christou:

“I still remember how easy it was to communicate and get genuine answers to my questions and concerns. Moreover, all students have the luxury of studying in state-of-the-art classroom facilities utilizing the latest teaching technologies in both ground and flight schools. The flight school is consisting of a modern fleet of training aircraft maintained to the highest standards, as safety is of utmost importance.”

Do you think that Egnatia and Wizz Air’s airline pilot career program could fit your needs?

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