How to Become a highly-skilled pilot

Is your dream to become a pilot and to soar in the skies? Do you wonder how you can distinguish yourself from the competition and be one of the best pilots in the top leading airlines around the world?

Before taking off at the right-hand seat on a modern airliner, there are some important milestones that you need to complete. We are here to guide you through the clutter of information. Below we answer the hot questions:

Market Standards

The recorded pilot shortage offers a unique opportunity for aspiring new pilots to rise. In its Aerospace Forecast, the Federal Aviation Administration notes clearly the enduring need for airline pilots. The aviation industry scenery changes. The demand for competent airline pilots increases. Airlines are in the process of renewing their fleet and enriching their pilot force with highly-skilled professionals.Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer, the leading aircraft manufacturers, have published their projections for the demand. The future airline force raises the stakes for those who dream of becoming commercial pilots. The airlines are very selective regarding hiring a professional pilot. Things of course are easier if someone wishes to acquire a private pilot license. Even in this case, flying a plane is quite a demanding task. Thus, you really do need to have what it takes.

Learn how to fly with different licenses

How to Stand Out

You decided to become a pilot. Now you will learn how to be a competent pilot. The basic requirements are the following:

– You need to be 17 and above.

– A High-School Certificate is a must.

– Having a Bachelor degree is not required anymore. Nonetheless, it does offer an extra advantage, if you have acquired one. It adds up to your skills’ armory.

– Ability to pass an EASA Class I Medical is a prerequisite.

– Demonstrate competence in the English Language (ICAO level 4)

Now, let’s talk about how you can make a difference and fly high as an airline pilot.

  1. The choice of an EASA Approved Training Academy is the first you should do.
  2. Select an Aviation Academy that has a demonstrated success record, state of the art facilities, and highly accomplished Flight instructors.

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  1. To work as an airline pilot requires an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). This is the paramount level of pilot certificate obtainable and a remarkable achievement.
  2. Additionally, train for a type rating. It allows a pilot to act as pilot-in-command of all turbojet aircraft, and all that exceed 5.67 tons maximum takeoff weight.
  3. You can either take an integrated course training or try the modular types, depending on your time and pace. We suggest the integrated course. Although it is more intense, you get an all in one specialized training, in theory, practice and soft skills.
  4. You should love what you are doing!

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Soft Skills Needed to Become a Pilot

You have conquered the technical skills. You have mastered the art of taking off. You can pilot different types of planes. You can do the requisite manoeuvres, and land the plane safely. Have you become a professional pilot?

Not yet! Except for the technical skills, airlines require your assessment of non-technical skills. In short, have you developed your soft skills?

To become a top pilot, you need more than having aced in theory and practice. Pilots need to have advanced soft skills. Being up in the sky is not an easy task. To excel you need to:

– Have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

– Think quickly and make decisions.

– Be detail-oriented.

– Have the ability to work as part of a team. You will need to work smoothly with your crew, air traffic controllers and flight dispatchers.

– Task management and prioritization are vital.

– Showcase excellent adaptability and professional demeanour in all circumstances.

– Remain calm under pressure.

– Have discipline, self-confidence and commitment.

– Develop leadership skills.

– Excel at spatial awareness and coordination.

Learn how to develop your technical and soft skills all in one

Why is the Airline Integrated Programme the Best Option?

Now, you can make your dream to become a pilot come true. You can be the ideal pilot of tomorrow. Egnatia Aviation has designed an Airline-tailored ATP(A) Integrated Course, which addresses all the Ab-Initio challenges of today’s future pilots.

The Airline Integrated Programme is an all in one training course, designed with the needs of all modern air carriers in mind.

Why is the best option to become a pilot?


– It integrates theory and flight training, for better knowledge and skills retention.

– Your soft skills are monitored and assessed.

– There are extra training hours in order to enhance your skills.

– Upon your graduation, you are better prepared to pass the airline. selection and Type Rating (including Multi-Crew Co-Operation – MCC).

– With the EASA License, you can apply for jobs anywhere in the world without any additional training.

– The programme offers an Airline Pre-entry assessment and selection.

– It is structured and continuous, and it takes 17 months to complete.

– Highly-experienced and accomplished instructors conduct the course.

– All airlines preferred it.

The Airline Oriented Integrated Course offers the quickest and more direct route for an Airline job.

Do you want more?

The idyllic location and weather of Northern Greece are a strong asset to your training. You will enjoy flying with a modern fleet and training in state-of-the-art facilities, in a warm and safe environment.

Plus, you will test your aptitude with the training simulator.

And because numbers do matter… our graduates work in 61 different Airlines around 57 countries, with an employment rate of 95.7% within a year from their graduation.

It is your time to become a pilot.

Accomplish your dream today.

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What better way for us to celebrate our 15th anniversary than launching a unique promotional action?

Egnatia Aviation Flight Training College, once again “hears” the needs of the industry along with those of the prospect cadets and combines THE most evolved and modern way of training (CBT) with its already advanced integrated course. The result? Cutting edge pilot training at the best price of the market!

The CBT Integrated course is specifically designed to cover in full the requirements of the airlines while at the same time provides the cadet with high-end quality of training!

15 years anniversary of Egnatia Aviation

We have wonderful news to share with you: In summer 2021 our academy “becomes 15 years old”!

Our commitment and dedication over the years to the same principle – provide the best quality and most professional airline pilot training -led us to be one of the few trustworthy and reputed organizations in the market.

To celebrate these 15 years, we will take a series of actions in order to demonstrate our appreciation to our active students, graduates and of course all aviation enthusiasts.

So “buckle up”, for a majestic summer!!! 

Egnatia Aviation Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation (APS MCC) course.

Egnatia Aviation Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation (APS MCC) course aims to provide the transition for newly qualified low experienced ATPL(A) / CPL(A) / IR(A) license holders to a standard where their knowledge, situation awareness and skills (technical / non technical) on a jet airliner handling and operation will be that of an airline entry level.

It complements training on classic MCC, aircraft systems, advanced aircraft operation scenarios and SOPs, advanced swept wing jet training as well as development / assessment of ICAO core competencies.

The course provides the pilots with the necessary training, in compliance to AMC2 FCL.735.A to Part FCL-Amendment 3, in order to be competent to:

Egnatia Aviation academy awaits you. Become a part of our big family and have the best training, delivered by the very best!

Only the most advanced training will get you the right results!


Congratulations to Egnatia Aviation’s cadet Muntasar Albarwani for his successful completion of his advanced professional pilot training course!!!

Below you may find his testimonial:

Muntasar Albarwani :

Professional Pilot Training Completion

“Before joining Egnatia Aviation I decided to visit the school to see exactly what the set up was. I was guided around the school’s facilities by George, who gave me a tour at the Ground School, Flight line and accommodation area. During my visit, I had the chance to meet with some active students and chat with them, while they also gave me some helpful advice.

I finally joined Egnatia in October 2018 and I started my training with the 1st Theoretical phase. Upon its completion, I went to the flight line and started flying with the Diamond aircraft. The training course includes an alteration between theoretical and flight phases. This method helps the cadet to study and gain flight experience at the same time.

I was impressed by the high quality of Professional Pilot training in both Ground School and Flight line: the instructors are very experienced and have a vast amount of knowledge. They also have a unique ability to deliver the information in the easiest and most helpful way.

Completion of the APS_ MCC course

All the staff is friendly and approachable, while they are always willing to help when you need assistance.
I found Egnatia to have a professional but friendly atmosphere and I’ve made a lot of great friends through my studies here.
The time schedule of my training was definitely kept and I managed to graduate within the time-frame they gave me.

I would definitely recommend the school to others without hesitation; it was definitely worth the money I paid.

I would like to thank Egnatia Aviation’s staff for helping me through this journey; it’s been an unforgettable experience!”

We  wish to Pilot Muntasar Abarwani to have a bright career ahead.

Egnatia Aviation stays informed about all the latest updates in the market. As a result the academy is capable of providing all interested parties with the latest and most advanced training which is required by airline. Furthermore Egnatia Aviation provides the latest advanced pilot training courses (PBN-APS_MCC -AUPRT).

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Being in full compliance with EASA Legislation Egnatia was the first flight school academy in Greece to launch the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) course.

The aim of the PBN course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to operate aeroplanes with PBN procedures after they have been granted PBN endorsement to their instrument rating (IR). PBN aims to ensure global standardisation of RNAV and RNP specifications and to limit the proliferation of navigation specifications in use world-wide. It is a new concept based on the use of Area Navigation (RNAV) systems.


All pilots will need to have PBN privileges within their Instrument Rating (IR) after 25th of August 2020.


Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation (APS_MCC)

The Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation (APS MCC) training course is to provide the transition for the newly qualified low experienced ATPL(A)/CPL(A)/IR(A) license holders to a standard where their knowledge, situation awareness and skills {technical – non technical}on a jet airliner handling and operation will be that of an airline entry level.


The APS MCC course is the most advanced and newly launched individual course of Egnatia.

Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (AUPRT)

The advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (AUPRT) course aims on providing flight crew with the required competencies to both prevent and recover from situations in which an airplane unintentionally exceeds the parameters for line operation or training.




Egnatia Aviation Flight Training College provides the most advanced and quality training in Europe, complying always with the latest EASA requirements and policies (PBN-APS_MCC -AUPRT).


Egnatia Aviation holds an impressive record of 2.550 graduates since 2006, all of them have been trained in our airline oriented EASA Integrated course. Egnatia Aviation is one of the best flight academies and provide the most professional airline pilot training. There are several reasons why Egnatia Aviation is being ranked among the top three Airline pilot training Academies in Europe:

Reasons of success:

– The unique Philosophy

– Active partnerships with major international Airlines

– The modern fleet of aircraft

– The state-of-the-art facilities

– The training simulators

– International certifications and approvals

Egnatia Aviation is an academy that provides well-trained pilots in each category of specialisation to major Airlines .  Moreover there are some fundamentals needed in order to provide this quality when it comes to professional pilot training. Strictly following our mission statement, we are committed to provide the best flight training conditions in Europe for the future commercial pilots. The excellent weather of Northern Greece is ideal for flight training, in accordance to key factors mentioned here below:

– Biggest and newest Diamond aircraft fleet in Europe ✓
– Team of 52 highly skilled & well experienced instructors ✓
– 6 cutting edge technology Simulators present (2 more on order) ✓
– EASA approved Maintenance Organization and team of highly skilled engineers ✓
– Active airline partnerships ✓


Professional Pilot training on the SIM

Egnatia’s  ultimate goal is to provide major airlines around the globe with highly skilled professionals whose career is predicted to be bright. Our cadets are being trained by the well experienced Instructors ,making use of the biggest Diamond aircraft fleet in Europe. Moreover, Egnatia Aviation is an active member of International Associations of Aviation Committees aiming to improve even more safety standards and optimise flight training methods. This is one of the reasons why Egnatia Aviation has 311 active cadets coming from all over the world. Additional it is to be mentioned that Egnatia Aviation Academy has 3 active contracts with 3 major Airlines (Wizz air, Aegean Airlines & Iraqi Airways) in order to train their future pilots.

Egnatia Aviation was founded in 2006 and since then, more than 2.550 pilots from 57 countries been graduated. Furthermore it is to be mentioned that 65% of our students are international. Each and every training year Egnatia Aviation’s fleet records over 25.000 hrs of flight time. A number which is far greater than that off all the other aviation schools in Greece together. Consequently makes us one of the largest flight academies in Europe.


We care about our students

At Egnatia Aviation we care about our students. We are always looking to make their training experience as exciting and as rewarding as possible. It is a duty for our professional team to guide the students successfully through all the steps of the courses working with them on every single matter. And that’s because we realise how important training instructors are for achieving the high standards the airlines require. Therefore our objective has always been to recruit experienced instructors that will provide all the necessary assistance and guidance you expect and more.

Through our international links we are familiar with the variant demands of international airlines’ wide range; therefore we provide personalised training support, depending on the trainee’s focus. Furthermore, Egnatia Aviation has already created partnership links with many international airlines, considering all their training needs.

International Recognition

Being one of the few EASA Approved Training Academies in Europe with experience in providing customised training products to some of the world leading airlines such as Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Wizz Air, Aegean, Iraqi Airways, a lot of expertise is gathered in order to establish what is believed to be one of the best training programs in Europe, with the needs of all modern air carriers in mind.

Furthermore Egnatia Aviation is approved and provides pilots for Oman Air, Kuwait Airways, Ryanair, Olympic, Flydubai, Gulf Air, Astra Airlines, Ellinair and it is to be mentioned that our graduates work in 61 different Airlines around 57 countries, with an employment rate of 95% within a year from their graduation.

Egnatia Aviation Flight Training College combines all the key factors and provides its cadets the best resources, material & human, in order to ensure airline pilot training of the highest standard possible.

Kavala, Greece August 6th, 2019 – Egnatia Aviation and Cockpit4U signed an agreement which will address the ever increasing demand of airline pilots in the upcoming 20 years.

This new exciting partnership will allow cooperating Airlines to cover their recruitment needs through the most comprehensive ab-initio pilot training course followed by the most advanced type rating.


Egnatia Aviation Academy

Egnatia Aviation Training Academy is one of the leading Flight Training Organisations in Europe, providing pilots to many airlines around the world. It is approved by EASA to provide airline pilot training at all levels. The excellent weather and the low-cost environment of Greece, the unrestricted operation in 2 different bases and the excellent locations enables us to deliver consistent training all year round. We operate at international airports with modern navigation facilities rather than small General Aviation airports without the instruments required to provide airline training, said George Triantafyllidis, Business Development Director of Egnatia Aviation.

Egnatia Aviation provides training to the cadets of major airlines such as Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines, Iraqi Airways and Wizz Air. In addition, we provide pilots to Ryanair, EasyJet, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Air Arabia, Kuwait Airways, Oman Air and others, meeting local Authority and Airline recruitment needs. In all our courses we mirror the Airline procedures, methodology and environment (e.g. airline call-outs, iPads rather than paper etc.) focusing both on technical and non-technical skills (competencies). Our main goal is every graduate finds work, therefore the cooperation with Cockpit4U is a win-win situation for everyone, said Triantafyllidis.



Cockpit4u is one of the leading Approved Training Organisations (ATO‘s) in the world. We’re based in Berlin-Schönefeld – an excellent training location near the Airport SXF. At Cockpit4u, we believe that excellence in aviation is the result of precise hands-on training with highly-skilled instructors. We are committed to safety and impeccable standards. Our services cover the complete spectrum from Type Rating, MCC and SFI/TRI training to airline related cockpit crew training on Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier aircrafts. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or a 10,000 hour captain – you will find exactly what you are looking for.

“Teamwork in flight” is not just our slogan, it’s our business culture. Career starters on their way to the airline cockpit and experienced professional pilots who need to learn how to fly a different aircraft type can both expect Cockpit4u to cater to their individual needs and support them throughout all stages of theoretical and practical training. Combined with the latest technology, we offer you the best prerequisites for your success. Most of our trainers are professional pilots who work for world renowned airlines. Flight Training Organisations and Airlines consider us to be the right partners for them. This is because we – and our instructors around the world – cater to your needs as we work together with them. The similarity of the business philosophy of Egnatia Aviation and Cockpit4u form a symbiosis for contemporary training in the aviation industry. Therefore, I agree that the cooperation with Egnatia Aviation is a win-win situation for everyone, said Christos Diamantopoulos, Managing Director of Cockpit4u.


Egnatia Aviation Flight Training Academy



On the 27th of June 2019 Egnatia Aviation, one of the largest EASA approved Flight Training Organizations in Europe, celebrated its 13th anniversary since the commencement of its Commercial Pilot training operation in Greece.

It was back on 27th of June 2006,when Egnatia opened its doors to prospect student pilots as an approved Flight Training Organization. However, the idea of the flight training academy was originally conceived even earlier, in 2001, by Egnatia’s founders.

3 more years of “research and development” followed, during of which strategical planning, gathering of information and data on aviation industry and its needs as well as examining the first statistical results took place, before the academy was finally established in the UK in 2004.

Given the poor weather conditions of England though, which did not favor professional flight training, the founders thought of transferring the base of the academy in Greece so the students could take advantage of the Greek/Mediterranean climate and by doing so, significantly improve the training conditions for the team. As a result, the first official meetings with the authorities of Kavala International airport were conducted in August 2005.

In early 2006 the company was officially moved to Greece whilst the school facilities construction began. In July 2006 the training operations started while by the end of 2006 Egnatia had 3 students, 2 aircraft, no simulators at the time and a workforce of 5 employees.

During 2008, another Diamond aircraft is being added to Egnatia’s fleet which sums up now to 6, while the first simulator, an ALSIM FNPT II is being ordered to facilitate the training needs of the ever increasing number of enrolling students. Meanwhile, the fleet is now not only expanded but upgraded too, as the older TDI types of aircraft are replaced with NG’s, the latest version that Diamond Industries has to demonstrate at the time, providing the students with the most advanced and cutting edge fleet to be trained at.



2011 was the year of one of Egnatia Aviation’s milestones, as a training contractual agreement was signed between the Academy and Qatar Aeronautical College, the nursery of commercial airline pilots for Qatar Airways itself. After that Egnatia established and gradually strengthened its presence in the Gulf region.

Given the increase of the training needs, another 5 Diamond airplanes are being purchased in 2012, making Egnatia Aviation the owner of not only the “youngest” Diamond fleet but of the biggest too.

The full compliance with the standards set by European Aviation Safety Agency led to the approval of the academy as an EASA approved ATO in 2013. Additionally, another contract was signed during the same year with Air Arabia.

Ever since, the academy remains active and constantly adapts to the newest requirements of the airline industry by attending forums, symposiums and conferences both in Europe as well as in Middle East. Based on the knowledge gained, the academy is capable of efficiently mirroring the environment, the methodology and the procedures taking place in an international airline and ultimately better prepare the students for their future careers. More approvals by CAAs (such as that of Sudan in 2015) follow while the academy organizes and conducts numerous Open Day events in various countries.

Concluding, in mid 2019 and after 13 years, Egnatia Aviation now has two active, fully operated and state of the art bases, possesses a fleet of 15 cutting edge aircraft – with 6 more on order, 4 ALSIM simulators- with 3 more on order, has 3 active airline contractual agreements (with Aegean Airlines, Wizz air and Iraqi Airways). It also employs a staff of 109 employees and has 291 active students, while it flies more than 2.000 training hours a month. We are proud to be consistent and strictly follow our mission statement that Egnatia Aviation is committed to provide the best flight training conditions in Europe for the future commercial pilots.


The Wizz Air Open Day and the Airline Pilot Career in Cyprus, were the two recent events conducted by Egnatia Aviation during the previous months.

The Wizz Air Open Day took place on the 12th and 13th of June at the premises of Egnatia’s first base, located in the city of Kavala, Greece, whilst the presentation in Cyprus was held on the 22nd and 23rd of June in Nicosia and Limassol, respectively.

Organizing and carrying out both events required the involvement of multiple departments of the Academy, while the excellent cooperation between Egnatia and Wizz Air was once more demonstrated, as high ranking representatives of the airline actively participated and worked together with Egnatia’s staff for the best outcome.

The details of both events were posted to the social media of the academy, so the interested parties could be informed and reserve their slots in advance.





Wizz Air Open Day

The event of Wizz Air started on Wednesday 12/06 morning and its participants were welcomed by Egnatia and Wizz Air representatives alike, at the Ground school premises. It is to be noticed that not only Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians and Polish (the initially selected nationalities that could benefit from the sponsorship of WizzAir), expressed their interest, but people coming from other European countries too, such as Moldova and Czech Republic.

A presentation of the Wizz Air Pilot Academy and the training program was the first topic of the event, while the Head of Training of Wizz Air, Captain Attila Tovari, shared with the audience his own experiences from the cockpit and spoke about aspects of life as a Wizz Air pilot. Later on, a presentation of Egnatia Aviation ATO followed, accompanied by a tour to all of Egnatia’s facilities and demonstration of resources (aircraft, simulators, personnel).

The attendees had also the chance to discuss with active Wizz Air cadets, alongside with the self-sponsored students, who were willing to share their own opinions and remarks.

Last but not least the interested parties were able to take the selection assessment required to be a Wizz Air sponsored cadet, on the spot. The exact same process was repeated during the following day.




Cyprus Airline Pilot Career Day

Taking into consideration the ever increasing number of Cypriot students and the numerous inquiries received on a daily basis, the need for an informative “Open Day” in Cyprus was imperative.

Consequently, a promotional event of the advanced EASA airline pilot training courses of Egnatia Aviation was organized and carried out in Nicosia and Limassol.

During the presentation given by the Business Development Director Mr. George Triantafyllidis, the prospect cadets and their families had the opportunity to be informed in detail about Egnatia Aviation, the way it operates, the departments it consists of and the daily procedures taking place in it.

They were also briefed on the details of the EASA Integrated training course, the “flagship” of Egnatia’s training courses, which is the preferred way of training by all airlines nowadays.

At the end of the presentation, questions of the audience answered by Egnatia’s representatives, Cypriot students that recently graduated of the academy and Cypriot former Instructors that were present.

Summarizing, the ultimate goal and the objective of such event is to inform all the interested parties of the full details regarding the Airline pilot training.



For any additional information about the ongoing and recently renewed contractual agreement between Wizz Air and Egnatia Aviation or the training courses provided by the latter, you are strongly recommended to send an email with your inquiry at .